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General Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Our dedicated team is equipped to handle a comprehensive array of air conditioning and heating issues with expertise and efficiency. Whether you’re facing a sudden loss of cooling or heating, dealing with a noisy system, or seeking preventive maintenance tune-ups and cleanings to ensure optimal performance, we’ve got you covered. At Empire, we specialize in thermostat installations, including both traditional and WIFI-enabled models, as well as high-efficiency system installations for enhanced energy savings. From addressing leaking systems and condensate stoppages to performing refrigerant charging and complete system replacements, our commitment to your indoor comfort extends to every facet of your HVAC system. Trust Empire Plumbing & Air Conditioning for reliable and effective solutions that keep your home or business comfortable year-round.

  • No Cooling
  • No Heating
  • Thermostats (Traditional and WIFI-enabled)
  • Preventive Maintenance Tune-Ups and Cleanings
  • Noisy Systems
  • Complete System Replacements/Installations
  • High efficiency systems
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Leaking system
  • Condensate stoppage
  • Refrigerant charging

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