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What is a Maintenance Plan and Why Do I Need One?

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What is a Maintenance Plan?

We provide maintenance service to your air conditioning and heating system twice each year so it keeps you comfortable all year long, operates at peak performance, and maximizes the system life span.

What else do I get?

Maintenance Plan customers also receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted Value Rate Pricing on all plumbing, cooling and heating system services and repairs
  • Discounted Service Charge for visits during regular business hours
  • Priority scheduling for all appointments
  • Extended Warranties on all repairs
  • Loyalty Rewards for Full Service Customers that help pay for a new system when you need one

Do I have options?

Yes. We offer a Full Service Plan for customers that want additional features and benefits and a Basic Service Plan for budget minded customers that just want a basic check up at a lower cost. Check out our Enrollment Form bellow for more details.

How much does it cost?

A Full Service Plan is just $22.50 monthly per system. A Basic Service Plan is only $16.50 monthly per system. Full Service customers accrue 50% of the cost of their plan in a Loyalty Rewards account that can be used toward the purchase of a new system when they need one.

Ready to Sign up?

Simply complete the secure enrollment form and submit it to us to get started or you can schedule a visit from one of our friendly technicians and they can help you with enrollment.

Need to Update your Credit Card info ?

Please click the link bellow to update your credit card information for the automatic billing of your service agreement.

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